Digital Analysis Recovery Tool 3.2

Digital Analysis Recovery Tool 3.2

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Includes lifetime access

Course Overview

The MapLink course is an online certification course for the use of MapLink software.  At the end of this course the operator of MapLink should understand how to use MapLink:

  • Install MapLink
  • Launch MapLink
  • Load Data Files into MapLink
  • Create Layers in MapLink
  • Use tools to copy screen results to other investigative tools.
  • Save Created Cases
    • Proprietary Format
    • KML Format
  • Import other file types into MapLink
    • KML
    • CSV
  • Pass all practical quizzes and exercises in the program

At the end of the course, the operator will be issued a MapLink operator certification.  This certification will allow operators to attend the more advanced courses involving MapLinki offered by HTCI.

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