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In 2002 HTCI opened the doors of the National Computer Forensic Academy (NCFA) to meet the growing demand for quality hands-on-training in Digital and Cellular forensics.  Our courses encDTF Addompass the full spectrum of Media Forensics.  Our clients include most of the Federal investigative agencies, 100's of local police departments, numerous International Police organizations and Intelligence agencies around the world.  In the past 6 years NCFA is an integral part of the U.S. Military's Intelligence and Law Enforcement training mission, providing highly skilled instructors and relevant instruction to agents and investigators worldwide.
Click here to see our entire course catalog.  For your convenience some of our upcoming classes and conference appearances are listed below.

Event Venue Date
Cellphone Repair Course (CCRT) National Computer Forensic Academy January 6, 2015 8:00 am Register
Advanced Cellphone Investigations using JTAG National Computer Forensic Academy January 12, 2015 8:00 am Register
Cellphone Collection and Identification Analysis Training (CPIAT) NCFA National Computer Forensic Academy January 15, 2015 8:00 am Register
Media Exploitation for Military Police Operations (MEMPO) National Computer Forensic Academy August 11, 2014 8:00 am Register
”Data Analysis Reporting Tool” Analyst Course Level 1 (DART1) National Computer Forensic Academy March 3, 2015 8:00 am Register


As a global leader in the field of Computer Crime Investigation and Computer Forensics, HTCI is uniquely qualified to provide expert instruction, proactive security management and computer forensic platforms to both the private and public sectors.

HTCI is continually looking to expand and add more services to our growing catalog, while still providing the absolute best in goods and services.  One thing that will never change at HTCI is our commitment to provide the very best in services and equipment to you our customer.

New on our Blog

  • Oxygen Forensic Suite Smart Forensics for Smart Phones New Update
    Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2014 adds support for multi-SIM Android Devices enabling investigators to determine what SIM Card was used to make a call or send a certain message. New Oxygen Forensic® Suite 2014 v.6.5.2 also adds ability to import Nokia MBK Backups files, analyze Photo Streams in iOS devices, extract...
  • Physical, File System, Advanced logical and Logical extractions from Apple devices running iOS 7.1.2
    Cellebrite announces the support of extractions from Apple devices running iOS 7.1.2 via the current UFED 3.0.7 and the new version of UFED Physical/Logical Analyzer 3.9.8 Update your UFED Physical/Logical Analyzer to 3.9.8 to perform: Physical and file system extractions while bypassing simple and complex passcode* Advanced logical extraction** Simple...
  • Reading Sprint CDR Tower Records
    The Sprint CDR can be a little confusing when identifying the actual tower.  The Cell that has the tower information in it is made up of a 5 digit number.  The first number is the Tower Face Reference.  The second part of the number is the tower assignment number.  Using...


Over the last several years HTCI has developed and brought to market many innovative products.  These products are being used by Intelligence Agencies and Law Enforcement Agencies around the world.  The tools are based the requirements of investigators actively involved with digital forensic cases and are designed with out based upon our years of expertise in the digital forensic field.


Law Enforcement Cellphone Analysis taken to the next level


The guide to Evidence Based Operations tasked with gathering Media

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The piece of the kit that all the other Cellphone tool providers failed to give you.


Weapons Intelligence Kit (WIT or WIC)

Media Exploitation Kit (MEK Kit)

Media Exploitation Kit (MEK Kit)

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Our Investigator Portal providing the most comprehensive set of tools to help the Investigator navigate the Digital Crime


The Student Learning Center the heart of the HTCI training program.


HTCI's very own Skunk Works.


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